In-Vitro Diagnostics

ANANAS Nanotech develop, manufactures and markets reagents and kit integrations for high sensitivity  immunoassays that compete and override the present blockbuster reagents dedicated to high sensitivity immunodetection, within the majority of classical analytical platforms.

  • ANANAS Nanoparticles

Each ANANAS nanoparticle has a hydrodynamic radius of about 120 nm and comprise more than 350 avidins in a single entity; they are soluble and stable in the most common aqueous buffers, and  can be used singly or in combination with other ANANAS reactives, for a superior performance as tools for in vitro diagnostics. The ANANAS Nanoparticles can carry simultaneously several biotinylated elements with different properties (antibodies, receptors, enzymes, fluorophores, drugs, peptides…), and all these moieties can be easily loaded on the ANANAS’ surface in precise, stoichiometrically controlled ratios, giving to the users the possibility to obtain nanoassemblies with different features, capable to fulfill the most different needs.

  • Biotinylated compounds

Anti-Human, Mouse, Rabbit, Goat IgGs: manufactured to be used in conjunction with ANANAS nanoparticles to achieve a highly sensitive detection in diagnostic platforms such as ELISA and Western Blot.

Horseradish Peroxidase (HRP): manufactured to be used in conjunction with ANANAS nanoparticles to achieve a highly sensitive colorimetric or chemiluminescent detection of biotinylated substrates.

  • Kits

ANANAS Nanotech offer kits dedicated to the the secondary detection of various kinds of IgGs (Human, Mouse, Rabbit, Goat...). The kits comprise solutions of biotinylated IgGs, ANANAS nanoparticles, biotinylated HRP for colorimetric or chemiluminescent detection (the assembly can provide colorimetric detection capabilities of the same order of magnitude than classic ECL protocols); kits with fluorescent nanoparticles are also available. The "Bio.De" kit allow the use of any kind of biotinylated probe other than IgGs.

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